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Energy and vibrational healings

I am interested in life in the broadest sense, why are we on earth, what is our mission, do we have one, what is the purpose of interactions with people and why does society work the way it does. In short, a thousand and one questions that don't necessarily need an answer to move forward.

These questions were partly inspired by my mother, her own research and her interest in personal development. From a very young age, I experimented with different therapies and discovered different approaches to help me heal or soothe life's wounds.

My curiosity never diminished, so I trained in different techniques and today I offer my services as a practitioner of energetic and vibrational healing.

My approach to each specific situation is above all listening. I offer a free first appointment in order to evaluate the situation. If my skills meet your expectations to bring you true well-being then we'll meet on another appointment. Apart from massage, the treatments can be done at a distance via video call.

My methods are diverse, it can go through the body using Thai yoga massage, sharing of high frequency energies through Lahochi, then with QHIA and dowsing I investigate which best accompanies you in changes, your personal development and thus bring you closer to your original state


Vanessa B., Malaga

“I absolutely recommend the type of massage Deborah offers. It is a moment of relaxation for oneself and a blessing for one's body, especially in this season of the year. There is the relaxation aspect but also the therapeutic aspect which puts back in order what needs it. Goodbye aches and pains, not so good feelings... the body becomes light again, emotions are released, the mind is calmed and it lasts! I recommend it 100%... and I'll do it again soon."

Michèle L., Marseille

"I am very happy with the result obtained after 3 hours of treatment, I had a big spot in my right eye (AMD) after her treatment it had practically disappeared. Deborah is a very gentle person, very attentive and very professional. I won't tell you more, yes one more thing, my dog who was sick for 4 weeks was next to me during the treatment and she healed too, contact her and you will be very happy to have met her."

Inès R., Malaga

"I’m very grateful to many people who support me in my rescue quest. All the shares, donations, messages of support etc help to make a horrible and emotional driven vocation, more bearable. And there’s someone I want to thank with remote help with Zuri : Deborah Polasek.

Deborah contacted me a few days after Zuri came. She’s been studying energy healing and felt she had to reach out as she may be able to help.

She asked for a photo and from that explained some things about Zuri, in her past, that really made sense. Deborah guided me with a few things and it really has made a difference.

So, a shout out to her and if you feel you need Deborah’s help (usually human based), then I would totally recommend you give her a try.

Deborah hasn’t asked me to say anything and hadn’t worked with dogs before but I really wanted to publically thank her and acknowledge what she did.

Hugs girl. And thank you.

You truly have a gift."

Laetitia F., Genève

"I have tried it and I continue to entrust my whole being to Deborah's treatments every week. I highly recommend them. She will look at you with a gentle and caring eye and will make you feel good/better, without being judgmental."

Stuart A., UK

The result of a few energy healing sessions with Deborah over a Zoom video call?

A powerful mindshift that was totally unexpected!

Unexpected as I have 30 years of using hypnosis and NLP to entertain and help others. So I thought energy healing was probably still in the out there Woo woo category.

UNTIL I experienced it !

I have had some emotional roller coasters to do with aging parents this year, that have messed with my business energy and direction. And she has helped me to connect to all flavors of emotion and "a full spectrum of my colours of laughter". Before I only seemed to have occasional laughter or painful laughter.

Now it seems that even what were negative emotions to be avoided are now just different colours passing through to observe and learn from and FEEL.

Thank you Deborah Polasek - Amazing results

Anne D., Belgique

"You are broken from the inside and/or the outside, everything is going on in your head and you can no longer manage. You feel depressed, you don't feel like it anymore, or you simply want a therapeutic massage...
Don't hesitate to call upon the gifts of Deborah Polasek, a true MAGICIAN!
I am alive again since I passed through her hands, my aches and pains are gone and my mind is at peace. I am ready to start the new season in a healthy way.
I highly recommend her."

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